School Magazines: RX and RYA

A selection of school magazines

We are pleased to have available some editions of RX, the magazine of Rye County Secondary Modern School and RYA, the magazine of Rye Grammar School.

If anyone has any editions that they are prepared to lend us to upload, please email Tim Rothwell at

We are very grateful to Sandra Delemare for lending us a number of copies of RYA so we could scan them, including the last ever RYA of Summer 1968, complete with messages to Sandra on the back!

And we are also grateful to Paula Barnard for lending us the Summer 1966 edition of RX – the last one  before the schools went comprehensive.

Thanks go to Colin Hills for providing RYAs for Autumn 1958, Autumn 1959, Spring 1960 and the programme for Speech Day, March 1963.

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RX 1960

RX 1961

RX 1962

RX 1963

RX 1964

RX Summer 1966 – with thanks to Paula Barnard (nee Cruttenden)


RYA August 1938

RYA August 1939

John Breeds has commented on the August 1939 RYA:

I was very interested to see my father’s name in the Old Scholars report. Also – in the Library report – Miss Turner mentions books donated by Mrs Breeds in the name of her nine sons who were educated at the school! One of those was Ken Breeds, Roger’s father, and one would have been Alfred, the father of Gay and Judith Breeds.

After the evacuation of Rye Grammar School to Bedford, the school magazine was renamed NOVA RYA. Sadly, we don’t have copies of editions 1, 2, 8 and 10. If anyone has these, and would be prepared to lend them to us for scanning, that would be wonderful. We promise we would take great care of them – our book and document scanner does not require the documents to be taken apart for scanning. If you can help us, please contact Tim Rothwell at

NOVA RYA No. 3 – August 1941

NOVA RYA No.4 – January 1942

This wartime edition contains the sad news of the deaths in action of old scholars. The report of the Air Training Corps details visits, but the identity of the venues has been blacked out for security reasons. 

NOVA RYA No. 5 – April 1942

NOVA RYA N0.6 – September 1942

In this  edition, the appointment of Sidney ‘Gus’ Allnutt to the staff of RGS from the Secondary School is announced. Amongst his other duties, he has been coaching the students in cricket!  

NOVA RYA No.7 – January 1943

NOVA RYA No.9 – Summer Term 1943

NOVA RYA No.11 – Spring Term 1944

On page 36 of this edition, Will Dunlop, the then Secretary of OSA, as it then was, describes the constitution and operation of the Association.

NOVA RYA No.12 – Summer Term 1944

RYA – Spring 1945

This edition of RYA marks the return of RGS from Bedford to Rye in December 1944. It also records the appointment of Miss Dann to the staff of the school. 

RYA – Summer 1945

RYA – Autumn 1945

RYA – Spring Term 1946

RYA Autumn 1946

RYA Summer 1950

RYA Autumn 1950

RYA Spring 1951

RYA Summer 1951

RYA Autumn 1951

RYA Spring 1952

The Spring 1952 edition of RYA contains contributions relating to the death of King George VI, who had died on 6 February 1952

RYA Summer 1952

RYA Autumn 1952

RYA Spring 1953

RYA Autumn 1953

RYA Spring 1956

RYA Summer 1956

A few pages seem to be missing from the beginning of the Summer 1956 edition of RYA

RYA Autumn 1956

RYA Spring 1957

RYA Autumn 1958

RYA 1959 – Girls’ Jubilee Edition

RYA Spring 1959

RYA Autumn 1959

RYA Spring 1960

RYA Summer 1960

RYA April 1961

RYA July 1961

RYA January 1962:Autumn 1961

RYA May 1962

RYA July 1962

RYA January 1963:Autumn 1962

RYA May 1963

RYA July 1963

RYA January 1964

RYA April 1964

RYA July 1964

RYA July 1965

RYA July 1966

RYA Summer 1967

RYA Summer 1968


RGS Speech Day Thursday 7 March 1963 RGS Speech Day 7:03:63


Saturday 26 July 1958 Open Day July 1958