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Rye Old Grammar School, High Street, Rye. Date of photo unknown. (Photo courtesy of local historian Paul Draper)

Peter Ewart adds:

This photo appears in Rye guides just before and after the First World War (they were usually undated). It was presumably taken after 1887, when the sundial was removed to its new site at the rear of the Town Hall, having been positioned in the school building’s central gable in 1831 when presented to the town by Col de Lacy Evans.

Interestingly, a flagstaff appears to jut out from the bottom of the oval space previously occupied by the sundial, with a small flag or pennant attached. It’s not crystal clear but I’ve examined another copy of this same photo (pre-WW1 Adams of Rye guide) & it’s definitely there. It even occurred to me that it might be the protruding hand of the sundial itself, which would push the date of the photo back, but looking at photos of the Town Hall sundial, I think this unlikely. I’m not sure I’d noticed this flagstaff before. Perhaps the flag belonged to the Working Men’s Conservative Club, who occupied the premises in Edwardian times after the school move to The Grove. Or is it just an old sellotape blotch on the photo? Don’t think so, as it’s a little clearer in the photo in the guidebook.

In J.L. Deacon’s 1914 Guide, there’s a “front-on” photo of the building – no sign of the flag pole!

So 1887-c1910. If I dig out any earlier examples of the published photo we might get it a bit more exact, but not by much.

Mermaid Street School

The above picture is of a School Group taken at the school in Mermaid Street, Rye. It must have been about 1916, and somewhere in the picture is Wilson Saunders, the uncle of my wife Christina.

The school in Mermaid Street had been built as The Mermaid Street National School in 1867, and at that time took both boys and girls, but by 1891 the girls and infants went to the school in Lion Street (then known as Red Lion Street), and the Mermaid Street school took boys.

We think Wilson is the boy in the second row up, fifth from the left, but we’re not entirely sure. Has anyone information regarding the group?

It would also be interesting to know if there was any sort of uniform

Chris Coleman

Peter Ewart adds:

Nice photo. Definitely no uniform Chris – it was a struggle for some of them to get any decent clothes to wear and the poverty which hit the pupils in 1914-18 (when the school struggled badly) is noticeable in some photos compared with the Edwardian period. After the National School was built in 1867 it fell in with the Board School system after Forster’s 1870 Education Act and became a council school after Balfour’s 1902 Act. It doesn’t look (to me) like William Sprigg Walker in the background and it would be interesting to know which Standard is photographed here. The school leaving age was raised to 14 in 1920 – these boys look as if they could be in the top two or three standards. I can’t recall offhand if I’ve seen this particular photo but 1916-18 certainly looks feasible – but so would the late Edwardian period.

Jo Kirkham adds:

Arthur Woodgate told me about it when he was giving me his ‘Rye Memories’.  He was there from 1917-1927.  (Born in 1913, he died aged 101). He said: ’There were no school meals in my time, but there was a kind of school uniform.  Many parents, including my father, objected to being told what their children must wear.    However, thanks to my mother, I did eventually get a round peaked green cap with a red R.C. S. (Rye Council School), on the front and a green jumper.’  


Rye Grammar School 17 June 1931

Rye County Secondary Modern School badges – c1955

Samples for approval and then adopted – photo courtesy of Paul Rogerson


 Rye Grammar School badge – c1938

Photo courtesy of Paul Rogerson

Rye Grammar School Prefects Badge – 1963

(Photo courtesy of Heather Rendall, nee Bather)

Rye Grammar School Prefects Badge – 1963

(Photo courtesy of Neil Perry)


 Rye Pottery Bowl presented to Miss Turner

ROSA presented this bowl on 14 November 1975 to Miss Turner, former Deputy Headteacher at RGS – known affectionately as Aunt Matt. The sail of the boat has the initials AM in tribute – a symbol of her setting off to pastures new. Aunt Matt subsequently gave the bowl to Eve Rogerson, Paul’s mother. Eve was the long-serving Secretary of ROSA, as well as having been Secretary to the headteachers at Rye County Secondary Modern School.

Photo and comment courtesy of Paul Rogerson.


 RGS war memorial: 1939-1945


 The late Eve and Les Beeney

Eve (formerly Eve Rogerson) and Les Beeney were great stalwarts of ROSA. Eve was Secretary to ROSA for a number of years. Eve was also employed as School Secretary at Rye County Secondary School, working first for her father, Mr Blackman, who was headteacher for many years, and later his successor Roger Rothwell. Eve’s two sons, Mike and Paul, were pupils at RGS.

The first 8 girl scholars at RGS 1908. The press cutting is from 1959 or 1960. (Contribution courtesy of Margaret O’Neill)


The Headmaster’s Residence, Ascham House, The Grove, Rye What year was this? The house is still there – but no longer available for the headteacher! Those were the days.

RGS 1926 – with thanks to Carol Tredget for her kind donation of this photo for the ROSA archive

The pdf version here will allow you to zoom into the photo RGS 1926 pdf


Rye Grammar School 1927 – photo courtesy of John  Breeds


Rye Grammar School Form IIIA: Spring Term 1927 – photo courtesy of John Breeds

John Breeds adds:

I actually knew at least three of the people in the Form IIIA photo:Ken Breeds was, of course, Roger’s father and was the Postmaster at the Rye Post Office for many years.

Dick Burnham sang with me in both Rye and Bodiam Church Choirs. He ran a hotel at Bodiam for some years, retiring to Appledore where he lived well into his 90s.

John Smith was, of course, Rye Town Clerk when it lost its Borough status in the early 70s. He was also an RGS/TPS governor and Grand Master of the Wellington Lodge!


 RGS staff – pre WWII or at Bedford. The legendary Miss Turner (Senior Mistress) and Dr Jacobs (Headteacher) third and fourth from right, front row, respectively.

 Close-up of Miss Turner and Dr Jacobs



Rye Primary School Staff 1946 

Photo and comment courtesy of Rye’s Own

‘Rye Primary School in Ferry Road had been opened in 1938 and remained open for most of the War. In 1946 a new headmaster came to the school, Maurice Beevers was to play a great part in the rebuilding of the spirit and determination of a new generation of Ryers. With a team of dedicated teachers he created one of the finest primary schools in the whole of Britain.We are fortunate indeed to have been loaned the photograph by Brenda Kennard of the staff at Rye Primary in February 1946, very shortly after Mr. Beevers took over at the school. Back row :-Pictured from left to right back row :- Mrs. Bodilly, Mrs. Morris, Mrs. Candler, Miss Frere, Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Stone. Front row :- Mrs. Lee, Miss Jordan, Miss Baker, Mr. Beevers (Headmaster), Miss Welfare and Brenda Kennard (nee Heights) (clerical assistant) who sent in the photo.’



Rye Primary School

How many of these pupils became ROSA members? The site of the former Primary School has been a source of debate and uncertainty over many years now. Originally earmarked as the site for supermarket. Then a possible new site for Rye College. Now a proposed site for housing.


Rye Secondary Modern School staff/senior pupils – 1950s?


Rye Secondary Modern School Staff – mid-1950s (Headteacher Mr Blackman, holding hat, middle front row)

(Picture courtesy of Colin Dorman)


 Rye Secondary Modern School Staff – c 1955

(Picture courtesy of Paul Rogerson – the Headteacher, Mr Blackman, was his grandfather and his mother, Eve Rogerson, was school secretary.)


 Eve Rogerson, Mr Blackman and Miss Welsh (Deputy Headteacher)

(Picture courtesy of Paul Rogerson)


 Saltcote Boarders – 1951


 Saltcote Place then

 Saltcote Place now

The Saltcote Pippin

Jim Holmes has sent the following information about the Saltcote Pippin Apple

Salcote Pippin. A variety of apple which was cultivated by James Hoad of Rye from either a Ribston Pippin or Radford Beauty seedling. First recorded as a variety in 1918, it was awarded an RHS Award of Merit in 1928. A large, handsome apple with a rich, aromatic flavour. It is sharper and not as intense as Ribston Pippin, but has a similar, rather open texture. Becomes sweeter, milder, and more aromatic as it ripens. A medium-sized apple with a flat, rectangular to conic shape. The shape of the apple and the texture of the skin is often uneven. Pale to golden yellow In colour with an orange to red to carmine flush with some russeting on the body of the apple. A moderately vigorous spreading tree which crops well. Pick early October and then store until 
November – January.

 RGS 1910


RGS 1931 (with thanks to John Breeds). John’s father, Denis Breeds, is on the back row, eighth one from the left. 


 RGS October, 1938: Tercentenary year

RGS October 1938 – Photo 1 (Courtesy of Margaret O’Neill and Roger Huxstep)

RGS October 1938 – Photo 2(Courtesy of Margaret O’Neill and Roger Huxstep)


 RGS 1947


1949 – BFI Archive film – ‘ The School Farm’

Rye County Secondary Modern School Young Farmers Club – 1949 film produced by Les Holmes, teacher at RCSM. Please note: the film, which is half an hour long and part of the British Film Institute’s free archive,  does not have a soundtrack, but has some fascinating shots of the school.  Watch it here


 Digging the first spadeful for the RGS School Hall – 1956


 RGS Speech Day 1958


 RGS Speech Day 1958.  The two people behind Dr Jacobs seem to have nodded off!



6th form and staff? Year?


 This was originally titled RGS school photo 1950s – but Catherine Ford (nee Boyce) says it was taken in Bedford to where the school was evacuated during the war. Her father, Peter Boyce, who went on to teach at Rye County Secondary School and Thomas Peacocke, was evacuated to Bedford with other RGS pupils.

RGS School Photo 1955 – Courtesy of David Swaine

 RGS 1955


RGS 1955


RGS 1955


RGS 1955

RGS School Photo- 1957

RGS School Photo – 1959

(With thanks to Ted Blundell)

 RGS 1959

   RGS 1959

   RGS 1959

   RGS 1959

(Ted Blundell is 21st boy from the right hand side of this part of the print, third row from the top)


RGS 1963 

(With thanks to Richard Jones)

 RGS 1963 

 RGS 1963

 RGS 1963

     RGS 1963

U5th 1963 Revue

A newspaper cutting of the Revue by the RGS 5th year to raise funds for the Freedom from Hunger Campaign. From L, Maggie Ide, John Apps, Carol Munn, Roger Huxstep, and “Lolly” Lane.
(Cutting courtesy of Hilary Hamilton)
Lesley Alexander (nee Lane) has added the following:
I happily stumbled across Hilary Hamilton’s newspaper cutting of the Upper5a Food for Thought revue 1963 so I thought you’d like to share this photo.  I’m sure Chris Coleman will be interested, his wife Christina is on the HAVES’ side between Margaret Ide and Andrew Page.   I remember the name Hilary Hamilton but sadly can’t put a face to the name.  Could she be one of the two girls opposite?  Robert Firrel is sitting at the front alongside Cristobel Sloan(e)?  On the left (HAVE NOTS) Alison Banks, Alison Hadley, Lesley Lane.  No idea who’s in the bin.
Terry Barden cast me as the mad woman in the reportedly ‘regrettable’ coffin skit.  I’ve no idea why – perhaps he recognised an innate shyness and reticence to be forced out of me by a role that involved running and shrieking across the stage.  I like to think it was JUST that!

I don’t ever remember being known as “Lolly” Lane, how funny.

Mr Thompson started taking us for still life and plant drawing classes in the latter years of Art leading up to O levels.  He said to the class “anyone can LEARN to draw”.  I loved him for that because he DID teach me and I got so much enjoyment from his classes and being able to do something to a level that I thought I couldn’t.  I must have signed the tulip drawings Lelli (as you do these things when you’re young) and that’s probably where “Lolly” came from.   I believe Mr Thompson taught Technical Drawing, possibly just the boys were allowed to do that and maybe Woodwork/Metalwork.
I clearly remember sitting exactly where Hilary said in the U5a classroom, next to Isla Browne.  She was a great school friend and used to make me laugh so much.  In German she would sit and paint her nails under the desk and eat her lunch.  Miss Nelson or Mrs Agulnik (both Saltcote Headmistresses who taught German)were completely oblivious to Isla’s antics.  Now in my mind’s eye I can see you and Judith (Hyde?) sitting behind us and I’m sure it’s you and Judy on the Food for Thought float.
Hilary says:
I think that may be me with the curlier hair though it’s not easy to tell – I suspect the girl; with glasses is Judy – a Canadian girl who joined at the same time as me in Autumn 1962 but she left after that one year and returned to Canada. I was the kangaroo in the “My boomerang won’t come back” skit and Alison Banks donned a short sexy leopard skin drape as I recall.
Judy and I sat behind you Lesley in the Upper Va classroom – right hand side next to the window as you face the front. You gave me a couple of your lovely tulip sketches.
I have attached a pic of me on the Geography trip earlier that summer – taken at Edale.(see below)
Hilary Hamilton at Edale

RGS Inter-school Quiz Team, 1964

Left to right: Peter Buchan, Roger Whyatt, Roger Huxstep, Terence Barden. With thanks to Roger Huxstep for providing the picture. Roger points out that his surname was spelled incorrectly on his name plate!

RGS Sixth Formers at Glyndebourne – 7 July 1964 (?)


L to R: Jim Holmes, Gill Rothwell, Christine Oates, Jenny Burke, John Breeds  RGS House Pennies Race, 22 June 1965

This event was held to raise money for the 6th Form Common Room Project


 Leasam House Christmas Party – 1963

With thanks to Bob Carter for supplying the picture and the names and to Peter Eade (Head Boy at Leasam at the time – 1963) for correcting the original entry in November 2017.

The boys are getting ready to welcome their partners for the evening, some of whom were girls from Saltcote – a special evening! The date of the event was December 1963 – and not surprisingly, there was a Beatles theme for the evening.


Back row—                                                                                Peter Eade                               “Dumbo” Howes
                                                                                    Roy Forward            Eaun Thomson
                  John Bryden (Housemaster)        Bob Carter       Alan Webber      Brian Hurford    Michael Bennett       Godfrey Talbot
                                           Michael Slater        Michael Grainger       Paul Tree       Michael Sinclair    “George” Searby     Desmond Lambert       Fraser Kilpatrick  
                                                                                                                                              Antony Lambourne   Michael Chesman

                                                                                           Upper 6th – 1965 (Photo courtesy of Hilary Hamilton)


Above: John Apps in interesting pose. Below: Peter Buchan, Carol Springford, Jenny Bell (Photo courtesy of Hilary Hamilton) 


 RGS School Prefects 1967

Tim Rothwell adds: I can put names to some of the faces, but sadly not all. It would be good if we could put some names to the ?s.

Back row from the left: Marion Weller  David Smith  ?  Charlie Noakes   ?  Chris Williams  Lynne Huxstep (I think)

Second row from the left: Cherry Bazalgette Pamela Blair Colin Strange  ?  ?Eric Brook-Dowsett (?)  ? Martin Williams  ?  Tommy Hales

Front row from the left: Lark …. Sue Shepherd  Bill Perry  Gilly Winterbottom Nick Marshall Lynne Crosbie (I think) Digby Hobson  (Head Boy) Sue Ritter (Head Girl)  James Phillips (Leasam Head Boy) Cherry Tottenham

 RGS School Prefects 1967

Back Row from the left: ?  Charlie Noakes   ?  Chris Williams  Lynne Huxstep (I think) Colin Healey  Ann Hodgson  Tony Harwood  ?  John Clay

Second Row from the left:?  ?  ? Martin Williams  ?  Tommy Hales Carol Springford Teddy Guiver Lynne Morgan Tim Rothwell Felicity Saunders

Front Row from the left:Nick Marshall Lynne Crosbie (I think) Digby Hobson  (Head Boy) Sue Ritter (Head Girl)  James Phillips (Leasam Head Boy) Cherry Tottenham Alan French ? Peter Chapman Mary Neve Diana Lovell (?)

Photographs supplied by Rob Kemsley, Rye Grammar School 1967

Hello Kevin,

As per Richard’s email I’m sending you some freshly-scanned versions of  photographs that are nearly 57 years’ old! They are I believe, the last ever school photographs of Rye Grammar School. A little piece of poignant history, I would expect, to those of us who were there.

The scan of these photos come in four parts; four separate scans (you’ll spot a little overlap, at the ends of each, I’m sure – to ensure that no pupil or member of staff has been omitted), as my original copy extends the length of my arms outstretched!

Please feel free to upload to the ROSA website.

I’ve resisted naming anyone therein as the list would be too lengthy (and also my memory, these days, is incomplete – perhaps it was always so!). I hope the photos bring back some fond memories.Best regards,Rob


Thomas Peacocke Lower and Upper Sixth Form – 1972

(Photos courtesy of Catherine Ford (nee Boyce)

Cathy Ford (nee Boyce) has put some names to faces as follows:

Left to right top back row Jon Forrest. Arrived in the 6th form from Madagascar and on leaving went to St. Paul’s Cheltenham.

Just in front and to Jon’s left in dark jacket and tie I think is Nigel Peck.

Starting with the standing row of girls, from left ? ? ? ? ? Anne Moss. ? ? ? Sue Clarke. Jane Burke.

Seated on chairs from left ? ? ? Sue Handley. ? Sally Kinnis. (spelling). Sandra Barnes. ? Ruth Kendel Stan Jones. Alf Buttery. Hilda Dann. Winn Allen.

Seated on the ground from left ? ? Judy Killen. ? Francis Cox. ? Jane Band. Nicky Williams. Catherine Boyce. Angie Alford. Sally Burke.

Thomas Peacocke 1973 or 1974

I have just come across these. 
It’s either 1973 or 74. I left TPS after the start of my upper 6th. My father got relocated to London. 
I am the guy with big lapels, middle row 3rd in from the left (in the photo with fewer people), looking like a cross between Cat Stevens and a serial killer!
I have also added photos of the reverse with signatures in case it’s of interest.
Hugh Horsford

Thomas Peacocke Upper and Lower Sixth Forms – 1971

Photo courtesy of Mark Griffin, who was in the Upper Sixth. Mark says the photo includes some of the Falkland islanders that were then attending the school.

Sheila Boston has put some names to the above photos.

1 Cathy Boyce  2 Angela Alford  3 Sally Burke  4 Andy Shepherd  5 Ruth Kendell  6 Claire ?? (she came to RGS about a year before I left)  7 Jane Burke Teresa Jenkins is two rows behind Miss Dann

1 Judy Killen  2 Frances Cox  3 Jane Allen (Miss Allen’s niece)  4 Nicky Williams (Chris Williams’ sister)  5 Sally Ralph  6 Vicky Tremeer  7 Sue Handley  8 Judy Roberts ??  9 Linda Moss  10 Anne Moss  11 Peter Catt??
1 Margaret Morrison  2 Eileen Adams (ex-Saltcote)
Thomas Peacocke School Upper 6th 1975 – photo courtesy of David Gasson
Thomas Peacocke School Upper and Lower 6th 1975 – photo courtesy of David Gasson
Thomas Peacocks School – 1976 – courtesy of Colin Albright
Thomas Peacocke School 1979  – courtesy of Colin Albright
Thomas Peacocke Sixth Form – 1980

Phot courtesy of Pul Fuggle. Paul has identified some names in the photo:

Vicky Peckham Kevin Ransom Mark Hullock Michael Le Fevre Nigel Evans Robert Small

Mark Griffin Melanie King Ian Duffy Nic Coyne Julie Woodward Brian Jempson David Osang

Vicky Ashby Sally Ashby Debbie Padgham Nic Bridger Richard Winkworth Angelica Campion

Alison Maish Tim Rook Julian Whoolley Peter Moore Ralph Popple Margaret Regandanz

Ian Turner



Thomas Peacocke – Building the Sports Centre

Photo courtesy of Ted Taylor

More Memories from Rye County Secondary School


 Roger Rothwell at his desk in Rye

Roger Rothwell was the headteacher of Rye County Secondary Modern School from 1958 until 1967. He left to become headteacher of Tideway Comprehensive, Newhaven, where he remained until his retirement in 1979. But he and Daisy, his wife, always retained a great affection for Rye they are buried together in Rye Cemetery. Their daughter Gill (now Perry) and son Tim attended RGS and are ROSA members – Tim runs the ROSA website. 

Tribute to Bob Huxstep, teacher at Rye County Secondary Modern School by Jim Hollands, Editor, Rye’s Own – from May 2008 Rye’s Own.

Bob Huxstep – as he was in WWII – he was awarded the DFC

Bob Huxstep taught at Rye County Secondary Modern School and later became deputy headteacher at Thomas Peacocke School. Bob and Babs Huxstep’s son and daughter, Roger and Lynne, attended RGS.

‘There are very few people in this town over the age of forty who were not taught by Bob Huxstep. He was one of those few very special people one meets in a lifetime whose example leaves a lasting influence. He was modest to the extreme and even though we pressed him, in those schooldays of the early fifties, about his adventures during the War he only commented that he was in Bomber Command but that was all. This made him a hero in our eyes (most young boys then were dreaming of a career in the R.A.F.) Had we known he was on his way to play for Arsenal when the War broke out he would have been placed on an even higher pedestal. Bob Huckstep was one of Rye’s greatest sons, an outstanding teacher, spectacular sportsman and a very fine man.’ Jim Hollands

Reproduced by kind permission of Rye’s Own


Christmas Dinner for the Older People in Rye – Part of Learning to Live

‘Learning to Live’ was an initiative set up in the 1960s at the Rye County Secondary Modern School which introduced pupils to the world of work. Among the staff shown here are Tony Tookey  (top right), Phil Heath (Education Welfare Officer) (top left), Wyn Allen (top right) and Mrs Woollard (at the table)


Mr Smith (left) and Mr Blacker (right) . Two stalwarts of the Rye County Secondary Modern School and later Thomas Peacocke Comprehensive

Learning to Live Motor Mechanics – working on Harold Dorman’s car.

Cathy Ford (nee Boyce) has provided the above photo. Cathy is Peter Boyce’s daughter =- Peter Boyce tight metalwork at RCSS and Thomas Peacocke. Cathy adds: 
‘I always thought that RCSS was a happy, well run and interesting school to attend, even though I was only I was in the C band which was geared to taking CSE’S but I felt strongly, even then,  that the Learning to Live, P(?) band and the remedial classes were very well catered for. There was a lot of social interaction with the wider community in Rye and villages where these children came into their own. It wasn’t all about exams.
With this in mind I think Dad (Peter Boyce) saw a wider need in the metalwork dept. and branched into motor mechanics for those boys who were interested, much supported by headteacher Roger Rothwell’s endorsement and enthusiasm. 
The photos show Mr Dorman’s Morris Minor being rubbed down and being prepared ready for spraying.  Mr Dorman is rubbing down the door paintwork and Dad is doing technical things to the front wing.  The boys worked on the less precise operations initially until they gained the necessary skills. It wasn’t only cars they worked on, I remember a big old blue and orange Fordson tractor in the workshop too.’

Rye Secondary Modern School New Road School Site Swimming Pool

 Headteacher Roger Rothwell and Deputy Betty Chapman open the swimming pool at the New Road School Site

Swimmers celebrating the newly-opened New Road swimming pool

(The above pictures courtesy of Colin Dorman)


t Pupils using the swimming pool at the New Road School Site

The swimming pool used by all schools in Rye at one time or another, was built in 1961 following public donations and a campaign called ‘Let the Children Swim’. The pool is now sadly covered in trees and undergrowth. On 25th July 1962 a tragedy occurred when RMS 1st year pupil Glenn Butler was killed by lightning whilst standing by the side of the pool.

RGS – Physics Classes

Identification of pupils updated by Adrian Gotts – June 2020. Adrian adds: ‘Happy Days. I loved Physics and Mr White was a great influence. I studied Electronic Engineering at Uni. and ended up with my own company designing TV broadcast equipment. I still look back fondly to the dances in the St. John’s Ambulance Hall with the live band: were they the Vivas?’

 Photo courtesy of John Breeds

Part of RGS material rescued from the archive cupboard at the school and, sadly, water damaged. Here is a photo of a LVIA Physics class from 1968 (Taken by Mr Tony White, the Physics Teacher, who sadly died in 2015. Mr White regularly attended the ROSA lunch at the Mermaid and will be missed at future lunches.)

Back row: Jan Fisher, Peter Clark, Peter Smith, ?, Adrian Gotts.
2nd row: Alfie Glaysher, Neil Barnes, Michael French, Malcolm Harris, Peter Jones, Richard Turner (with Peter Smith behind him), Pauline Elliot
Front: Elaine Williams, Vicki Duclos, Jane Cole, Mary Phillips (with Graham Ashdown behind Mary Phillips)

 1962 1st year physics class, L1, RGS

Another badly water damaged photo taken by Mr White – of a First Year Physics class in 1962. Courtesy of John Breeds. Barry Fuller says this was his class. He has identified:

Back row: Girls (from left) ?  ?  Vicki Brown Yvonne Richards (or possibly  Kay Baldock) ? ?

Front row: Boys (from left) Pete Clark  John Arkley   David Cotterell   Adrian Gotts 


Working hard at A-level revision (!) – 1968

Picture and comment courtesy of Peter Ewart. Peter adds:

‘This picture, dated June 1968,  shows three Upper 6th pupils revising for their A Levels ( a bit late!) in sunny weather by the seat in the little garden alongside the tennis court between the front of the old school & Love Lane. L to R:  Lyn Nesbitt, Peter Ewart & Denise Pemberton.’  


 Thomas Peacocke pupils in 1977 – 1982 leavers


 National Tree Planting, Thomas Peacocke: 1985


 Art class – when and where?


 Boys’ sewing class: Thomas Peacocke – with teacher Mrs Hobson

 Girls’ woodwork class
















Unofficial (!) 1960s reunion at Adrian Gumbley’s home – 2012

Left to right: 

Tim Rothwell, Gilly Winterbottom, James Phillips, Cherry Tottenham, Jane Wonham (nee Cole), Adrian Gumbley, MaryClare Loretan (nee Phillips)


 Image copyright Kitty French Trust

Still Life with Blue Flowers (Wax Resist, 1988) by Kitty French (1924-1989), RGS art teacher. As well as being a much liked and respected school art teacher, Kitty French was highly regarded as an artist in the Rye Community and further afield. Her work continues to be displayed in the Rye Art Galleries.


1960s reunion at the school – October 2015

All – over 100 – including these former pupils, had a great time at this very successful event.


 1996 leavers

The leavers of 1996 held a reunion at the school in July 2016

Thomas Peacocke Staff – ? year

(Photo courtesy of Ted Taylor)