Rye County Secondary School Photos

Rye County Secondary School Prize Giving: 1962

Photo courtesy of Jennie Light

Some names:Back row – Shirley Jarrold, Bernard Baverstock, Colin Cook, Paul ?, Theresa Blackall , Me(Jennie Lewis), Ann Simms, Kay Carter.
Next row down – Jackie Carmen, Jennifer Carr, Elsie Turner? , Maureen Emery.

Clive Pope, Barry Kirby on the left of front row. Graham Swanton further along.

Any other suggestions?

Rye County Secondary School: Class 4a 1955

Mark Griffin has kindly contributed the following:

I have seen the Old Scholars site and some of the photo’s from way back with interest. I attach a photo which I acquired after my father died showing his class in 1955. The back of the photo has written on it “Class 4A 18 Feb 1955” The teacher is a Mr George Blacker who was still teaching English in the 1970’s and early 1980’s at Rye when I attended TPS and you may recognise him?   My father Leigh Griffin is third from the left back row.

Rye County Secondary School Prizewinners – 1958/59

Photo courtesy of Dave Fairbrother


Lynda Watson (nee Harris) has kindly supplied ROSA with the school photos of Rye County Secondary School for 1961, 1963 and 1965. We’re sorry if it is difficult to identify individuals (some have been named) but this is the best that we can do, even with modern technology, given the size of the originals. But we hope they are of some interest.

September 1961



September 1963



October 1965