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Rye College – Very Encouraging Exam Results

Good news about the summer GCSE exam results at Rye College here

Rye College – End of Year Report

Barry Blakelock, Executive Head at Rye College, has reported on the promising progress being made at the school in Rye News, 26 July 2019 


Rye College – Looking to the Future

This week’s edition of Rye News (17 May 2019) contains the following article on the latest developments in seeking to improve the academic achievements and teaching at Rye College.

Rye College Refurbished

Work is progressing well well on the refurbishment of Rye College, including the renovation of the school hall, aka The Milligan Theatre.

Details, and photos, can be found in this report in Rye News of 10 May 2019

Rye College has announced a new look – 12 April 2019. Details can be found here:



At the kind invitation of Rye College, the ROSA Chair, Tim Rothwell, attended the Rye College Year 11 final assembly on 3 July 1967 to talk about ROSA to Year 11 who are leaving school this summer. Let’s hope we get a few new members from the current generation of students. A very impressive assembly – and very different from the singing of ‘Lord Dismiss Us With Thy Blessing’ at the last assembly Tim attended in July 1967! How times have changed – and generally for the better. Although the school hall looked pretty much the same!

This page will be updated as soon as possible with news about the future of Rye College.