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Rye College – GCSE Results – August 2022

Despite the challenges of the last two years, Rye College students have produced strong performances across the main measures in this year’s GCSE results.  Although the last academic year has been turbulent for many young people, educational outcomes reflect the college’s determination to minimise the impact on examination results.

In the basic measure of students passing both English and maths, standard passes rose from 57% in 2019, when students last sat formal examinations, to 63% and strong passes equalled 2019’s performance at 38%. Taken alongside the students’ other results, these grades mean that on average students leave Rye College with a standard pass in all their qualifications.

Headteacher Dom Downes, said: “These results are a cause for celebration and we are exceptionally proud of our students. These outcomes reflect the young people’s commitment to learning, hard work, and resilience in the face of unbelievable challenges. Their achievements ensure they can progress to the next stage in their education and we wish them every success as they move on to higher education, employment, or training.”

More details can be read in Rye News here

Rye College – GCSE Results – August 2021

Rye College students have been praised for ‘incredible resilience’ as they receive their GCSE grades.

You can read more about their achievements here in the Rye and Battle Observer GCE Results – Rye and Battle Observer

and in Rye News here GCSE results – Rye News

 Rye Community Primary School: Latest News – August 2021

The window in the Nationwide Building Society on the High Street in Rye is currently full of pictures produced by the children in years 1 and 2 at Rye Primary School whose fantastic efforts were based on the theme of rockpools.

You can read more about the story in Rye News here

Rye Primary Rockpools

Rye Community Primary School: Latest News – June 2021

Blooming Marvellous!

‘Early bloomers’ from Rye Community Primary School entering into the spirit of Rye Blooms and enjoying time in the fresh air: read the story from Rye News here:

Inspired by Sir Tom

Haiden Debley-Turner, who is nearly 11, was born with Spina bifida and underwent his first operation when he was just nine hours old – and he has had a great deal to contend with, and yet he wants to give to those less fortunate than himself.You can read more about Haiden in the Rye News article here

ITV Meridian’s News Coverage of Haiden can be seen here

The new Rye College Logo


Rye College – Very Encouraging Exam Results

Good news about the summer GCSE exam results at Rye College here

Rye College – End of Year Report

Barry Blakelock, Executive Head at Rye College, has reported on the promising progress being made at the school in Rye News, 26 July 2019 


Rye College – Looking to the Future

This week’s edition of Rye News (17 May 2019) contains the following article on the latest developments in seeking to improve the academic achievements and teaching at Rye College.

Rye College Refurbished

Work is progressing well well on the refurbishment of Rye College, including the renovation of the school hall, aka The Milligan Theatre.

Details, and photos, can be found in this report in Rye News of 10 May 2019

Rye College has announced a new look – 12 April 2019. Details can be found here:



At the kind invitation of Rye College, the ROSA Chair, Tim Rothwell, attended the Rye College Year 11 final assembly on 3 July 1967 to talk about ROSA to Year 11 who are leaving school this summer. Let’s hope we get a few new members from the current generation of students. A very impressive assembly – and very different from the singing of ‘Lord Dismiss Us With Thy Blessing’ at the last assembly Tim attended in July 1967! How times have changed – and generally for the better. Although the school hall looked pretty much the same!